RECIPE: Pan Fried Mulloway with Jerusalem Artichoke, Diamond Clams, Onion Marmalade and Parsley Sauce

By 2018 Gault&Millau Young Talent award finalist - Alexis Besseau, Head Chef at The Bathers' Pavilion

Winter may be getting closer, but that means we can start getting excited about the delicious winter warmer items that will be added to menus across Australia! Alexis Besseau, Head Chef at The Bathers' Pavilion and 2018 Gault&Millau Young Talent award finalist shares one of the latest additions to the menu - a pan fried Mulloway with a range of winter favourites to complement. Here's how its done:



4 pieces of 120g of Mulloway

50g butter

2 cloves garlic

5 spring thyme

Diamond clams

1kg Diamond clams

(Blanched form Cloudy bay)

Jerusalem Artichoke Purée

15 pieces  large artichoke

100g liquid cream


Onion marmalade

4 large onions

3 bottles of Hoegarden white Beer

vegetable oil


Parsley sauce

1 bunch parsley

50g milk

50g cream

100ml clams juice

1 tbsp lecithin 


Jerusalem artichoke

- Cook the artichoke for 15 minutes in simmering water,  with the skin on until they are soft but not broken down

- Remove from the water then peel the skin carefully, trying to keep  them in one piece. Scrape the inside and place in a blender with the cream and blitz into a smooth puree

- Place the skin flat on top of a tray with baking paper and dry in the oven at 50 degrees for approximately 2 hours until crispy


Diamond Clams

  • - Open the clams with an oyster knife keeping them in some of the juice

Onion Marmalade

- Peel and slice the onions finely, sweat in a large pot for 5 minutes with a dash of cooking oil

- Add the beer and cook until the onions start to become soft


Parsley Sauce

- Warm the milk and cream together in a pot.  

- Blanch the parsley and blend all the ingredients together

- Pass through a small strainer



- Pan fry the fish skin side on a non-stick pan then 

- Crush the garlic and add thyme and butter then baste the fish

- Finish in the oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes


To Plate:

- Deep fry the artichoke skin

- Warm the clams in their juice in a sauce pan

- Put some of the puree in the middle of the plate and create a whole in the centre for the onions

- Place the clams around and the fish on top of the onion

- Create an emulsion with the parsley sauce with an hand blender then pour around the fish

- Finish with the skins and some fresh herbs like baby coriander

To be inspired by more of Alexis' dishes, follow his Instagram or check out The Bathers' Pavilion in Sydney!